Build a New Experience By OX Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a great way to earn income, invest in the future, and support the cryptocurrency ecosystem. At Ox-Mining, we help you get started Staking (mining) cryptocurrency easily and safely.

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your crypto holdings? Tired of watching your assets sit idle while others are earning substantial rewards? Say hello to OX Mining, the revolutionary decentralized staking platform that empowers you to effortlessly grow your crypto portfolio. Forget about complicated setups and expensive hardware; with OX Mining, all you need is your digital wallet and a desire to earn. Join our thriving community of crypto enthusiasts, stake your assets in our secure and transparent platform, and watch your rewards accumulate passively over time. We believe in the power of decentralization, putting you in full control of your crypto journey. Embrace the future of earning with OX Mining, where staking is simple, rewarding, and accessible to everyone. Start staking today and discover the joy of truly putting your crypto to work!

How To Start
What is OX Mining?

OX Mining is a web3-based cryptocurrency mining platform that provides a secure, decentralized, and flexible way to mine cryptocurrency. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced miners.

What is OXCH Power?

OXCH Power is a unit of measurement used to determine mining power in an OX mining pool. The more OXCH Power you own, the greater your share of the mining pool rewards. You can earn OXCH Power by mining in an OX mining pool or buying it from other users.

How is the mining pool reward calculated?

The mining pool reward is calculated by dividing the total amount of OXCH Power released per second by the total amount of OXCH Power owned by all miners in the pool.

In the example you provided, the total amount of OXCH Power released per second is 14. The total amount of OXCH Power owned by Sarah and Peter is 200. Therefore, each miner will receive 7 OXCH Power per second. If a third miner with 100 OX joins the pool, the total amount of OXCH Power owned by all miners will be 300. Therefore, each miner will receive 5 OXCH Power per second.

The mining pool reward calculation is a simple process that ensures that all miners in the pool receive a fair share of the rewards.

How is a lifetime contract possible?

Currently, if you purchase OXCH Power, you can use two mining pools. As long as your OXCH Powers are in the mining pool, your contract is valid.

How are the withdrawal rules?

OXCH Power earnings are deposited into the user's wallet instantly, and there are no withdrawal or transfer limits.

Why should I use a web3 browser?

OX Mining is developed on the web3 platform. This is because the security and ownership of users' assets are in their control and on the transparent blockchain platform. Also, web3 provides fully automated transfers without the need for humans, and it is also open source.

How OX Mining have a refund policy?

You can Unstake with the mining pool contract at any time and withdraw all of your OXCH and Swap.

How to access the contracts?

All contracts and codes are transparently available on the Polygon blockchain.

Can I buy multiple times?

You can buy Any amount of OXCH power as many times as you want.

What are the security guarantees for assets?

OX Mining uses multiple layers of security to protect user assets, including encryption, decentralized storage, and smart contracts. These layers of security help to ensure that user assets are always safe and secure.